Monday, January 28, 2013

Jay and Andrea's Wedding

Our close friends, Jay and Andrea, got married this past weekend in Meredith, NH. We all made the trip to celebrate with them.

Kenny and I flew in from Jacksonville on Thursday night. We were worried at first because the weather people originally said there would be 3-5 inches of snow that day/night. Per usual, they are liars and there wasn't even a dusting of snow. So that definitely worked in our favor. What didn't work in our favor was that our bags had "BOS" on them since their final destination was indeed Boston. But we were stopping in DC for the night so we could fly out Friday morning with everyone. We landed at 9:55 (2 hours later than we were supposed to) and made our way to the baggage office. We wanted them to request our bags to be sent out on the baggage claim belt with the rest of the luggage. We get there and they tell us that are bags aren't "back there" so says the guy. They said they must have gotten on a flight to Boston already (they don't necessarily put the bags on the right flight, they just send them on any flight to get them there). Well, the last Boston flight left at 8:55, a whole hour before our plane even landed in DC. Kenny tried to explain this to the baggage ladies, that it was impossible for the bags to be on that flight. They weren't having it, they basically said, sorry about it, you'll see your bags in the morning.

So we ended up stopping at Walmart for some extra underpants and a toothbrush.

After a nice little 3 hour nap, we all got up at 3 am and showered so we could make it to the airport for our 6:30 flight. We met up with Charlie & Heather, Brad & Kaitlin and Bobby and got breakfast at the airport.

The 3 guys wanted to sit next to each other, so Christy, Heather and I ended up in a row together.
The Guys' row
Christy and I, on the plane
Christy & Heather
Brad, Kaitlin and Bobby, awaiting takeoff.
After a pretty uneventful and short flight, we got our bags from the baggage claim (and yes, Kenny and I's bag were indeed on the flight with us), and then took the shuttle to get our rental cars.
Christy, Brad and Kaitlin on the shuttle
Richie and Bobby, sharing a seat on the shuttle
Kenny, Me, Heather and Charlie in the back of the shuttle
After we got the rental car, we decided, since we were in Boston and had time, that we would do something historical for Brad and Kaitlin and then get lunch before driving to New Hampshire. The original plan was to go to Paul Revere's house. We put it in the GPS and headed off. But the GPS got a little confused and we ended up driving around in circles, and through a lot of tunnels before we decided that it just wasn't going to happen. Our back up plan was the Boston Tea Party Museum. We parked at a nearby garage and made our way to the Museum. But once we found out it was $25 a person, we decided it wasn't that worth it. So, onto Plan C.

But looking at the map, I noticed that Paul Revere's house wasn't that far away. We put it in our GPS and decided to walk there. When we first decided to walk there, we originally thought it was only a 10 minute walk, but I think it turned into a 25 minute walk. And it just seemed longer cause it was 20 degrees and windy. But eventually we made it and paid the $3.50 to go in, mainly to get into the heat and out of the wind.
Everyone learning about Paul Revere. And Brad is yelling at me to not take pictures.
After Mr. Revere's house, we started walking back to the water. We stopped in Dunkin Donuts briefly for a hot chocolate to keep us warm for the other half of our walk.
Yummy hot chocolate

We got to The Barking Crab just as it was opening. This was Richie's request for lunch. The place had been on "Man vs. Food" and everything on their menu looked delicious. Richie, Kenny and Heather ended up splitting a HUGE thing of crab legs. I got the Lobster Bisque and Kid's Fish and Chips. Everything was SO good and so fresh.
Christy's wearing the Bib, but she didn't eat any.
Richie was SO excited for the crab legs.
After lunch, we all piled in the cars to make the drive to New Hampshire. It was about a 1.5 drive and it provided a good time for a little nap (except for Kenny who was driving our car, and Brad who was driving the other car). We got to the house, claimed rooms and unpacked. We then made a grocery list and Kenny, Richie, Christy, Heather, Me and Kaitlin went to the grocery store. We decided to save ourselves money from going out to eat for all the meals to get breakfast sandwiches and pizzas. The only night we needed dinner was that night and we got pre-made lasagnas, garlic bread and salad.

We got home from the grocery store and were able to relax a little before it was time for Kenny, Richie and Bobby to go play pond hockey. Jay and Andrea are both into hockey and have played all their lives. So they got all their friends and family together to play a pick up game on the frozen pond. The rest of us had good intentions of going to hang out and cheer people on, but it was 5 degrees. And we said, no thank you. So we waited, hung out, played games and cooked dinner so it was ready when the 3 guys got home. After dinner, we played a couple games of "Mafia" before we all decided it was late and we'd been up for almost 24 hours, so it was bedtime.

Our plans for after breakfast the next morning were to meet up with Jay, Andrea and everyone else who was skiing that day. She was definitely a brave bride, playing hockey and skiing a day before her wedding. But, those plans quickly changed when we realized we didn't know where the ski place was and at what time everyone would be done skiing to hang out. So, Richie got the idea instead to shovel off some of the frozen lake so they could skate around on it. Which basically consisted of Richie, Bobby and Brad shoveling (Brad doing 80% of it), Kenny & Charlie supervising and the girls making everyone take pictures because OMG!FROZEN!LAKE!
Shoveling off the Lake  

Richie took turns giving Christy, Kaitlin and I chair rides around the "ice rink." It didn't end that well for the chair, let's just leave it at that.
Christy's Chair Ride 
Christy wanted to return the favor to Richie and give him a chair ride. That didn't end well for Christy.

My Chair Ride
Kaitlin's Chair Ride
Richie and Christy's "Couple Picture" being interrupted by Kenny
The Guys made fun of us for having a photoshoot and then they wanted one too.
Brad was shoveling and Kenny was sweeping the snow right back where Brad took it from. Ah, brotherly love.
Bobby, doing some work while the rest of us goofed off.
Trying to play hockey with a broom?
Brad & Kaitlin's Couple Picture
Charlie and Heather's Couple Picture
Kenny and I were attempting a couple's picture before Brad ran in to tackle us.
Like herding cats, trying to get them all in a picture. But the end result was worth it :)
The Girls picture. The Boys tried to sabotage it for awhile but finally got a good one.
After shoveling, it was time for everyone to come inside to get ready for the Rehearsal Dinner. It was held at a local restaurant called Mame's, and it was very cute and quaint with some really good food. Jay gave his groomsmen a pair of really nice slippers, which Kenny was actually really excited about since he's wanted some for awhile.

Richie also had his first soda in almost a month. It was a bet he and Jay had made over Christmas break. Here's his excitement documented on camera.

Kenny and I at dinner.
Then it was back to the house for some cards games, the game of Mafia and some beer & wine.
Me and My BFFL
At 3 AM, we decided we should probably go get some sleep since tomorrow was wedding day and all the groomsmen were meeting at our house.

The water in the house smelled like farts. No lie. The first thing we all thought when someone turned the water on for dishes the first night was that it was Richie's fault. But no, it was the water. Also, the water heater couldn't handle 9 people showering at once. So by Sunday, we were instructed to take "djibouti" showers, which meant, turn the water on to get wet, turn it off to soap, turn it on to rinse, and on and on. We were also able to spread out the showers, the 3 guys who were groomsmen and needed to be ready first went first. And the rest of us could go later.

After doing some ironing for Kenny, Richie & Jay - the groomsmen took off for the church. The rest of the morning was spent getting ready for the rest of us.

I'm a big idiot and left my camera in the car, so Heather was in charge of getting pictures from the ceremony. But Andrea looked absolutely stunning, it was a beautiful and very moving ceremony. It was awesome to see how happy both of them were and are, and I can't wait to see what is next for them.

After the ceremony, we headed back to the house to hang out for a few minutes before heading over to the hotel for cocktail hour.
The Prindle ladies
The Bevilacqua ladies
After cocktail hour, we moved into the dining room. Their colors were deep purple and green and the dining room looked like a normal dining room but had bookshelves on the back wall along with a fireplace. It looked like a very elegant library, which went along with the New England/winter theme.
The Table & Centerpiece
Jay, Kenny, Richie & Brad used to all play street hockey together when we were in middle school and into high school. Our table name was an homage to those good old days.
For the entrances, Jay assigned songs to the couples based on his relationship with each groomsmen. Kenny walked into "Highway To the Danger Zone" - the Navy/flying reference. Brad walked into TI's "Bring 'Em Out" - Brad likes Rap Music. And Richie came into The Rocky Theme song cause of his love for Philly. Each couple had a different dance or schtick they did.
Kenny and his bridesmaid were "too cool"
Brad had a few beers so he was able to shake his groove thing.
Richie and the Matron of honor had on robes and did some boxing moves.

Jay and Andrea had a hockey face off - which Andrea won of course.
Their first dance was pretty much one of the best I've ever seen. They did a choreographed dance but it was to a more upbeat song, Sugarland's "Stuck on You" and it was awesome. After the first dance it was time for the cake cutting...
Gorgeous and delicious cake!
They were nice to each other.
Aw :)
After the cake, it was time for Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dance.
Jay and his mom
Andrea and her dad
Once all the niceties were done, it was time to get our dance on.
Time to put your hands in the air.
Brad offered to hold my clutch while we were dancing.
Bobby and Brad, being thugs...?
Candid dancing
The Bride, doing her thing.
Haha, this pretty much sums Charlie up :p
The Prindle boys with their significant others.
Jay got thrown on the groomsmens' shoulders.
And then Richie picked up Andrea.
Brad and his sisters :)
Our group of Friends!
All in all, it was a fabulous night and a beautiful wedding for Jay and Andrea!

The next day, we all got up and cleaned the house and finished packing. We made the 2 hour drive back to Boston and turned our rental car in before taking the shuttle to the airport.
Christy and Richie
4 Prindles
We had enough time to eat lunch before getting on the plane. We landed in DC and said goodbye to Charlie, Heather, Richie and Christy. Then Kenny and I waited for our flight to Jacksonville.

It was such a fun weekend, but I've definitely spent this past week recuperating from it! And catching up on sleep.

Congratulations Jeremy and Andrea! :)