Friday, February 22, 2013

2012, in review

Please try not to faint because I've posted 3 times within a month. I know it's probably shocking to the system.

Anyways, every year I do a photo book to have a little memento of all the fun times. I use Shutterfly to do them, and have been very pleased with how easy the program is and also the quality of the books themselves. I started with my freshman year of college and have kept up for the past 8 years. And that just made me feel really old writing out that it's been 8 years since I was a freshman...I digress.

I finished 2012's book last week. I've been working on it since November. After struggling on making sure all the pictures look right, and descriptions are spelled correctly...I've learned my lesson. 2013's book will be started early. I'm going to make the pages as the events happen. That way, come December, I won't want to punch thru the computer screen when I haven't saved in 5 minutes and the screen freezes so I lose all the work I did. Moral of the story: save often, always.

I plan to keep this up, well, for forever. But the plans of mice and men...I hope to make books for both myself and the kids (when we have them). That way when they move out on their own, I can be like "Here, here's the memories of your childhood I would like you to remember. Let's forget about that one time I accidentally left you at the grocery store." I kid, I kid...I mean, fingers crossed I don't forget my child at the grocery store.
You can view 2012's Photo book here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy 102nd Birthday to my great grandfather, Pop!

You read that right, he's 102! 

He's seen a lot, done a lot and knows infinitely more than I ever hope to know. 

He's an inspiration and the best human being I know. Happy Birthday, love you!