Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1 Year Down...

I can't believe it's been a year since we got married. It has seriously flown by, it actually kind of snuck up on us. I guess that's good - time flies when you're having fun?

We kept it low-key for a celebration. We got ourselves a joint anniversary present (see below) and went out to a place called Matthew's for dinner. The Escargot was AH-MAZING - I seriously would've licked the plate if we weren't in public. I even got Kenny to try some and say that it was good, which is most shocking. They gave us a free dessert which was really good and free champagne, as well as an Anniversary card signed by all the staff on duty that night. Really good food and service.

People always asked me right after we got married "How's married life?" and I would answer "Basically the same, except I see him every day." They'd laugh and we'd move on. What I mean by that is we had known each other for 13 years, been good friends for 8 of those years, and in a relationship for 5 of those years before we got married. And those 5 years were all long distance. We learned how to communicate - what else do you have to do when all you have is talking on the phone? Was it hard? Absolutely. Did it suck at (most of) times? Yes. But it helped us to learn how to effectively communicate. With that being said, it's easy for us to be like "hey, can you clean off your dresser of the clean clothes I've folded that have been sitting there for a week?" or "hey, can you move your shoes to farther in the closet so I don't trip on them when I'm trying to find my flight suit at 4 in the morning?" and not have many issues. As they say, communication, communication, communication.

It's nice that sometimes he brings a fountain soda Coke Zero home cause he knows that MY FAVORITE. We've also learned new things - I never knew he didn't like carrots until one night I so rudely put them in his salad. But I mean really? Who doesn't like carrots, they don't taste like anything! It's good that we already had that foundation of knowing each other so well, but we're figuring new stuff out as we go. It's nice to be able to look at him and think that 50 years from now we'll be sitting on the couch just like now but instead of talking about his stinky fuzz head, we'll be talking about our kids and grand kids. Let's be real, he'll still be talking about his stinky fuzz head.

Speaking of fuzz heads...as an anniversary present to ourselves, we adopted a yellow lab puppy this weekend!!

Her name is Maddie. She's a purebred (parents are AKC and everything) but we rescued her from a shelter. Apparently breeders will get requests for puppies when the mom is pregnant, if the mom has more puppies than the request the breeder got, they will give the puppies up to shelters. Because the breeders don't want to pay the costs for the extra puppies - how sad. But a win/win for us cause she has good genes but we got to save a dog from a shelter, which was SO important to me.

We're picking her up tomorrow from her foster mom - so hopefully this will get me motivated to blog more. Instead of annoying everyone of Facebook with 1.3 million pictures, I'll just put them all here :)
Here's the little one - she passed out in my arms when we went to go visit her :)

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